Exeter Custom House

Recalibration 28 August - 26 September 2021

This exhibition of artworks by Devon-based artist Marcus Vergette is a celebration of biodiversity and a provocation to re-consider the value of the natural world.


Through mapping and measuring some of the interdependences within the natural world, Vergette invites us to tune in to different perspectives and timelines and acknowledge how all organisms in an ecosystem depend upon each other. 


His bell sculptures, printed works and hand drawn maps playfully remind us to pay attention to natural forces – the sea, weather, disease, migration – and to what happens when finely tuned relationships in nature are out of kilter.


Musician and artist Marcus Vergette is perhaps best known for his Time and Tide series of hand cast bells designed as musical markers of the high tide and as a salutary early warning system marking the rising sea levels around the coastline of the United Kingdom.  Rung by the movement of the sea, each bell in the series alerts local communities to the water level, signifying the possibilities for navigation at high tide and the increasing frequency of high sea levels.  


The Recalibration exhibition will include a new bell sculpture created during lockdown, comprising playable marble bells hung on an ash wood frame hewn from ash trees suffering from ash dieback. It will also feature natural objects and items from the Custom House's historic collection.

Free admission. For the latest information on opening hours and Covid safety please check Exeter Custom House

Honeyscribe has been invited by Exeter Canal & Quay Trust to curate and present a pilot programme of arts and heritage interventions in 2021/22 that resonate with the Exeter Custom House and its locality, situated on the historic quayside and canal basin.

Responding to its rich heritage as cultural gateway to the city and a place of exchange of languages, cultures and trade, the pilot will reanimate Exeter Custom House as a site for creative making and cultural exchange through artistic collaborations, exhibitions and participatory activity.

The programme will explore the contemporary resonances of the Custom House's vantage point on the quay as witness to rising sea levels and the ebb and flow of people to and from the city, and will use artistic practice to raise environmental awareness of the local habitat.