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Bee Myths

Angels & Animals


is a limited-edition artists’ book by Amy Shelton and John Burnside, consisting of poems by Burnside and a series of monochromatic Indian ink drawings by Shelton. This work was created through an intense exchange of words and images exchanged through the post during the first month of the new millennium. 

Burnside’s poems animate a seasonal cycle and chain of being from animal to angel, with the human capacity to love as a central theme. Shelton’s drawings allude to coastlines, hedgerows and glimpses of the energetic life forces in nature we sense in our peripheral vision. They were made from sketches of the stark winter landscapes along the River Torridge in Devon during the frozen days of January 2000.


Angels & Animals was exhibited at The Glasgow Art Fair 2001.


A series of limited-edition prints of the drawings are available to purchase via our online shop.

A new a limited-edition folio of the poems is currently in production.

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