How we work

We create artworks and artistic projects focussing on the natural world, human health and environmental wellbeing.

We work across multiple forms and disciplines, in collaboration with a wide range of artists, writers, scientists, botanists, conservationists, researchers, architects, designers, targeted communities and wider publics. We bring people together as co-creators and audiences, sharing stories, enabling conversation and supporting the exchange of knowledge. We take inspiration from the behaviour of bees and other pollinators, nurturing social cohesion and cross-pollinating ideas.


We develop projects with an eclectic constellation of partners, building relationships with hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, schools, community groups, wildlife trusts, botanical gardens, arts centres, museums, libraries and galleries, who share our commitment to interrogating urgent questions and building healthy societies.

We create opportunities for people of all ages to engage with the natural world and artistic practice. We invite active looking and deep listening to nurture creative thinking about how we might rebalance our ecosystems, our societies and ourselves. 

We explore our relationship to local environments and deliver work in unexpected places - through residencies and as site-specific work on rooftops, in bee gardens, public spaces, residential homes, hospitals and galleries in a network of localities across the UK and internationally.

We have worked in collaboration with:

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