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Healthy Communities

Co-creation is at the heart of Honeyscribe's work, inspired by the collective acts of bees and other pollinators. We collaborate with diverse communities, artists, makers, ecologists, health and science professionals to integrate different stories into our work.


We engage people in creative practice to help connect them to the places where they live, to the natural world and to one another, helping to support social cohesion and foster healthy societies.


We have developed projects specifically to nurture wellbeing with 
hospital communities, patient groups and healthcare professionals, as well as with socially isolated individuals and communities. 

NHS: Natural Health Service

Amy Shelton's Florilegium series of illuminated botanical artworks has focussed on human health since the first commission by the Wellcome Trust in 2013.  Whether mapping complex plant-pollinator relationships and their vital role in sustaining human life, the biodiversity of a specific place or capturing the stories of a particular community, these artworks acknowledge our deeply interwoven relationship with the natural world for supporting human health and wellbeing.

Through these works, the beauty, fragility and resilience of the plant world has been brought into the interior spaces of hospitals, hospices and health centres, offering a focal point for conversation, quiet reflection and imaginative connection with the world outside. 


Each artwork is typically created through a bespoke programme of engagement with healthcare professionals, other hospital staff and their families, patients and their visitors inviting personal stories and memories into the resulting work. 


​For commission enquiries and how this work can support wellbeing for NHS staff and social prescribing, please contact us.

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Read this article from Great Ormond Street Hospital on the healing power of nature, GOSH case study on Creativity, Climate and Health for the Culture Health and Wellbeing Alliance, and blog by Amy Shelton on the healing power of the imagination - part of Clod Ensemble’s The Power of Placebo.


The Gathering (2022)

Libraries Unlimited Finding Connection through Loss  
combatting social isolation in rural areas of Devon

Bedside Florilegium (2021)

Great Ormond Street Hospital, London 
championing the importance of hospital gardens

The Exeter Florilegium (2021)

Covid-19 commission for RAMM, Exeter
celebrating and commemorating staff and patients at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Anthology: Moretonhampstead Herbarium (2019)

commission for the Health Centre by Green Hill Arts

Honey Flow Quadriptych (2014)
Wellcome Collection, London 

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