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Who we are

Amy Shelton

Artistic Director

Honeyscribe was founded by artist Amy Shelton in 2011 as an artistic investigation interrogating the relationship between bee health, human health, the environment and the arts (funded by the Wellcome Trust). Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs document the role of a Honey Scribe tasked to record every drop of honey produced. Shelton has assumed the role of a contemporary honeyscribe, charting current threats to the health of pollinators and the landscapes that support them, and attuning to what the natural world might have to tell us about our own health and wellbeing. 

Shelton has created a celebrated body of work which interrogates the fault lines ravaging the natural world with a quiet documentary methodology. Her meticulously crafted artworks have been exhibited at galleries and public venues across the UK and abroad, bringing compelling and pertinent environmental stories to light. Through collaborations with leading scientists, writers and researchers across disciplines, Shelton’s artistic practise focuses on and celebrates the interconnectedness of unseen ecosystems and their delicately adjusted interweaving relationships.

Shelton has an MA in Fine Art and has accrued a repertoire of finely-honed skills through training in ceramics and letterpress studios and stints working with bookbinders, botanists, sculptors and beekeepers. Her work is underpinned by a knowledge of traditional materials and techniques, and infused with a spirit of exploratory and innovative experimentation. 


Amy Shelton

Jennifer Mullins
General Manager

Jennifer studied Fine Art Painting at Camberwell College of Arts and has a Diploma in Arts Administration. She worked at Spacex Gallery, Exeter before becoming PA and Office Manager for the sculptor Peter Randall-Page RA for 25 years.  She was Chair of Devon Artist Network, is an enthusiastic gardener, a Lifeguard at Chagford outdoor swimming pool on Dartmoor and is learning beekeeping.

Catherine Herbert
Development Manager

Catherine is responsible for fundraising, and exploring new partnerships and opportunities. She is an experienced visual arts project manager/producer, and works with a broad spectrum of arts organisations and artists including; The Showroom Gallery, London; Here/Not Here; Spacer, Ramsgate; Cement Fields, North Kent; and Mainspring, Lancaster.

Previous roles include; Deputy Director of Whitstable Biennale; Development Manager, Deptford X; Former Chair of Ideas Test (ACE Creative People and Places project); and 5 years in local authorities including the Arts & Culture team at Kent County Council. She works long-term with international artist Adam Chodzko on projects/exhibitions at Tate St Ives, Museum of Contemporary Arts Belgrade, Museum of Modern Art Bologna, British Art Show 5. Catherine is currently a volunteer researcher at Stop Funding Heat; the campaign to stop funding of climate denial in the UK press and online platforms.

Honeyscribe was incorporated as a registered charity in 2016 and is governed by a committed board of trustees:

Anneliese Graham, Susie Hall, Stephen Rooney, Peter Vanderford & Suzy Willson (Chair).

Amy Shelton ©Honeyscribe.JPG
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