Who we are

Amy Shelton

Artistic Director

Honeyscribe was founded by artist Amy Shelton in 2011 as an artistic investigation interrogating the relationship between bee health, human health, the environment and the arts (funded by the Wellcome Trust). Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs document the role of a Honey Scribe tasked to record every drop of honey produced. Shelton has assumed the role of a contemporary honeyscribe, charting current threats to the health of pollinators and the landscapes that support them, and attuning to what the natural world might have to tell us about our own health and wellbeing. 

Shelton has created a celebrated body of work which interrogates the fault lines ravaging the natural world with a quiet documentary methodology. Her meticulously crafted artworks have been exhibited at galleries and public venues across the UK and abroad, bringing compelling and pertinent environmental stories to light. Through collaborations with leading scientists, writers and researchers across disciplines, Shelton’s artistic practise focuses on and celebrates the interconnectedness of unseen ecosystems and their delicately adjusted interweaving relationships.


Shelton has an MA in Fine Art and has accrued a repertoire of finely-honed skills through training in ceramics and letterpress studios and stints working with bookbinders, botanists, sculptors and beekeepers. Her work is underpinned by a knowledge of traditional materials and techniques, and infused with a spirit of exploratory and innovative experimentation. 


She brings her own socially engaged practice and twenty-five years’ experience working in the arts. She worked at the Crafts Council in the early 1990s, and was Centre Director at the Arvon Foundation at Totleigh Barton for almost a decade. She is a Resident Artist at Kaleider, Exeter, and is on the Steering Group of Exeter Culture. 

Natasha Freedman
Executive Producer

Natasha joined Honeyscribe in 2020. She is a creative director and producer with over twenty-five years of experience developing programmes that use artistic practice to support human health, nourish creative thinking and interrogate human behaviour, particularly around social justice and the environment. 

She founded and directed the pioneering Performing Arts programme at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in the 1990s integrating live performance into healthcare to support wellbeing, established Streetwise Opera and was Deputy Director of the culture and climate organisation Cape Farewell. She has directed learning and participation programmes for Complicite, English National Opera and The Mosaic Rooms with a focus on working creatively across disciplines to nurture skills and open up ways of thinking about the contemporary world and future realities. She has developed numerous collaborations with the Higher Education sector, bringing artists and communities into dialogue with experts working at the frontiers of knowledge, and has produced work at a range of scales from intimate projects to large scale public performances, digital artworks, public exhibitions and festivals, including for the Royal Academy of Arts (eARTh exhibition and GSK Contemporary) and the National Maritime Museum (Arctic film festival). 

As a practising artist she has led projects for Tate, Royal College of Art, Central St Martin’s, National Gallery and Thinking through Drawing, has collaborated with artists Viyki Turnbull, Jo Lewis and Angie Brew, architect Reem Charif and playwright Sulayman Al Bassam. She is a regular visiting tutor at the National Film & Television School and is on the Boards of Fevered Sleep and Improbable Theatre (Chair).  

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Amy Shelton


Natasha Freedman

Honeyscribe was incorporated as a registered charity in 2016 and is governed by a committed board of trustees:

Anneliese Graham, Susie Hall, Stephen Rooney, Peter Vanderford & Suzy Willson (Chair).