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Now Gallery, London

Greenwich Peninsula (2017)

In 2017 Amy Shelton was invited to be artist in residence for the Now Gallery on the Greenwich Peninsula where she worked from Tom Dixon’s Shed in the Peninsula Garden.


For the duration of this residency Amy set up the shed as a herbarium studio to investigate and chart the special nature of this bio-diverse green space designed by Alys Fowler, and chart the plants which support Stevie Parle’s bee hives which supply the honey for the menus at Craft London next door.


Visitors to the shed were able to step into an installation fragrant with honey and beeswax, and learn about the floral sources available to bees across the seasons. People were able to join Shelton on walks across the Peninsula and along the Thames as she collected samples of the vast array of wild plants growing here.


With demonstrations of how Shelton prepares herbarium specimens for her illuminated floral artworks, visitors were invited to create their own mounted herbarium sample and beeswax coated drawings to take home with them. 

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