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An exhibition of artworks by Marcus Vergette
An invitation to re-consider the value of the natural world.


Through mapping and measuring some of the interdependencies in the natural world, Devon-based artist Marcus Vergette invites audiences to tune in to different perspectives, scales and timelines and acknowledge how all organisms in an ecosystem depend upon each other. 


His bell sculptures, printed works and hand drawn maps playfully remind us to pay attention to natural forces – the sea, weather, disease, migration – and to what happens when finely tuned relationships in nature are disrupted.


The exhibition included a new bell sculpture Stone Carillon created during lockdown, comprising playable marble bells hung on an ash wood frame hewn from ash trees suffering from ash dieback. It also featured a new interactive map inviting visitor contributions on future land use, and sapling native broad leaf trees by kind permission of Devon Wildlife Trust in a new site-specific installation.

Prints from the exhibition are available for sale via our online shop.