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The Gathering (2022)

Throughout the winter and spring of 2021/22, Honeyscribe worked deep within the rural communities of North and West Devon addressing the complex realities of social isolation, loss and grief for the people living around Okehampton and Holsworthy.


Working with the Mobile Library service, Okehampton and Holsworthy Libraries and a host of local support agencies and community groups, we invited people to press and dedicate flowers to people they miss in a quiet collective act of co-creation.


Rekindling the old-fashioned practice of pressing flowers in books as a way of preserving memories, we repurposed old library stock as presses and explored how the exchange of pressed flowers via the post might offer a positive way to help people process and express feelings of loss or grief and feel connected during the dark winter days - particularly those who are most vulnerable, isolated and digitally disconnected.


The project will culminate in the creation of a florilegium artwork created from a bouquet of preserved flowers gathered from the community.  ​


This project is part of our programme of work supporting communities to connect to their locales, the natural world and one another. Read more.

We are delighted to be supporting the work of Libraries Unlimited on this commission. As democratic public spaces, libraries have always played a vital role in supporting communities and as the pandemic continues to isolate and fracture communities, they are at the heart of our social recovery, offering safe spaces for listening, signposting, companionship, and connection.​

With huge thanks to the library staff and multiple partners who have worked with us including End of Life Doula UK and Men in Sheds Okehampton who restored an old workbox into a work of art as part of this project.​

Commissioned by Libraries Unlimited through an Open Call as part of their Finding Connection through Loss programme

Generously funded by Arts Council England

Watch a BSL interpreted video about Finding Connection Through Loss in Okehampton & Holsworthy:

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